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David Leather Which Two Religions is Most Similar? The two religions that we studied this semester that are most similar are Islam and Judaism. These two religions have many similarities and many differences. The similarities are as follows: they both follow a set of laws; they both believe that the Jews are the chosen people; they both are monotheistic; & they both believe that Jesus was a prophet but not divine. Though these two religions have their differences, they are significantly more similar than Christianity is to any of the two. The first similarity that will be discussed is: Both Jews and Muslims live by a set of laws. For the Jews this set of laws is called the Talmud. The Talmud consists of two parts; The Mishnah and the Gamara. The Mishrah is the original codification of the law, and the Gamara is the expanded law. Also, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible are known as the Torah, and are the laws codified by Ezra. The Islamic set of laws is called the Five Pillars if Islam. The five pillars in a nutshell are, one, there is only one god, two, you must pray at minimum five times a day, three, give unconditionally to the poor, four, participate in Ramadan., and five, try to make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime. The second similarity that will be analyzed is that both Jews and Muslims believe that the Jews are the chosen people. This main point might be better worded as the people of Abraham. Both religions accept the Old Testament as an important book. So In the Torah, God comes down to Abraham and tells him three things: A promise of land; A great nation will spur from his seed; lastly; and that this nation will be blessed. Take note of that second one. “a great nation shall come from your seed”. So, all three western religions, Christianity, Islam, & Judaism believe that they are the chosen people of God. The third similarity that will be examined is: Both Jews and Muslims are monotheistic. This means that they both believe in one god. Christianity is not monotheistic because they believe in the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They have not one, but three gods! Islam and Judaism don’t believe that any human being, animal, or inanimate object is God. The first pillar of the Five Pillars of Islam (Shahada) states that “There is no god but god, and Mohammed is the messenger of God”. This statement also clarifies that Mohammed was not like Jesus, he was not divine just a messenger. The Jewish equivalent of this statement is the First Commandment. In the book of Exodus, God comes down to Moses and states, “You shall have no other gods before me”. Christians also follow the Ten Commandments, but they have also made Jesus Christ divine. The fourth and final similarity I will discuss is; that Jesus isn’t considered divine in Judaism and
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Judaism vs Islam - David Leather Which Two Religions is...

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