Chapter 1 Notes Biology 271

Chapter 1 Notes Biology 271 - Biology 271 Notes Chapter 1...

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Chapter 1 Earliest known fossils are found In Australia about 3.5 billion years ago Stromatolites-fossilized microbial mats that consisting of layers of filamentous and other micro – organisms and trapped sediments Three properties of all living things on earth o Ability to grow o Ability to reproduce o Ability to pass on traits (heredity) o Cellular organization Heterotrophs- cells that satisfy their energy requirements through organic compounds from outside sources Fungi Certain bacteria and protest Autotrophs- able to make their own source of energy Biosphere- the living world and its environment Flow of energy: o Radiant energy from the sun channeled through photosynthetic autotrophs to all other forms of life Anaerobic oxygen less process that yielded prokaryotic cells o Prokaryotic cell- simple cell that lacks a nuclear envelope without organization of genetic material into condensed chromosomes Eukaryotic cells- cells with nuclear envelopes complex chromosomes and organelles such as mitochondria and chloroplasts surrounded by membranes Stomata- consist of specialized cells known as guard cells with a small opening between them. The stomata open and close in response to the environmental and physiological changes thus helping the plan maintain a balance between water losses and oxygen and CO2 requirements. Vascular system:
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Chapter 1 Notes Biology 271 - Biology 271 Notes Chapter 1...

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