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1-28-08 - Bio 271 Three basic parts of seed Seed...

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Bio 271 1-28-08 Three basic parts of seed Seed coat-protection for the embryo Endosperm-provides food for the embryo Gynesium-develops into fruit Eventually the seed must come dislodged from the host plant as well as the seed coats in order to develop Dicot Seeds 2 cotyledons in embryo Vascular bundles form a ring Leaf venation if pinnate Monocot Seeds Grasses, palm trees and mosses Vascular bundles are random throughout 1 cotyledon in embryo Leaf venation is parallel r striate Similarities: Developmental process is very similar *1 kernel of corn is a fruit and an ear of corn is a cluster of fruit *Look at the text book pages on mutant form of arabadocius Seeds Have evolved over time to germinate when their environment is iptimal for their development Germination is a resumption of growth when the embryo breaks from the seed coat Germination: Plant specific
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Bio 271 Amount of light Environment
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