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Meiosis Worksheet Key - Activity Meiosis KEY 1 Identify the...

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Activity: Meiosis – KEY 1. Identify the stages of meiosis shown in the pictures below (Be Specific): A Telophase II B Prophase I C Anaphase I D Metaphase II E Metaphase I F Anaphase II G Telophase I 2. What is meant by recombination? How does it occur? Recombination is the swapping of genetic information between non sister chromatids during prophase I. This occurs when the non sister chromatids align during synapsis, then tangle (form chiasmata), when they disentangle the genetic information is swapped. 3. Identify the meiotic phase for the following events ( Be Specific): Event Phase Chromosomes align at equator in single file Metaphse II 2 nuclei are formed, each containing a haploid amount of single stranded chromosomes
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