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Autosomal Linkage & Chromosome Mapping Worksheet

Autosomal Linkage & Chromosome Mapping Worksheet - ACT...

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ACT: Autosomal Linkage: Crossing Over and Chromosome Mapping Crossing Over 1. Gene C and D are linked and are 15 map units apart. If individuals with these genes were mated and 1000 offspring were produced, how many of those offspring would be expected to be recombinants? 15 map units = 15% chance of crossover = 15% recombination rate. This means that if there are 1000 offspring 15% of them or 150 offspring would exhibit recombined characteristics. 2. In tomatoes the following allele information applies to two known linked genes: Gene for fruit shape Gene for fruit skin Dominant Round (R) Smooth ( S) Recessive Long (r) ‘Peach’ (s) In a test cross with a tomato plant heterozygous for both fruit shape and fruit skin , the following were the offspring results: Round and Smooth Long and Smooth Round and Peach Long and Peach 12 123 133 12 a. Which alleles are completely linked? Long & Smooth Round & Peach b. Which alleles are recombined? Round & Smooth Long & Peach c. What is the % Cross Over between these two genes?
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