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NAME_Answers - ENG 110 Homework No 2 Questions and Answers...

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ENG 110 Homework No. 2 Q uestions and A nswers Q: Do you think I am going to run into trouble by converting some of the values to the metric system? A: If you would prefer to use metric or SI units that is fine. If you do, please convert all quantities accordingly, use one system or the other, don’t mix them. Q: I converted the weight of the falling object to kg to make finding the PE and KE easier. OK? A: OK, but be careful with units. Units of Newtons are for dimensions of force. The units of kg are for dimensions of mass. (I know some, unfortunately, use "kg force". Please use Newtons for force and kg for mass if using SI units. Be sure you have the conversions correct). Q: What is t in the theta equation? A: t is time (in seconds) Q: When using sine and cosine functions, do I use my calculator in degree or radian mode? A: You need to use radians. Q: I found the PE and then I converted it entirely into KE in order to find the velocity immediately before contact with the structure. Correct?
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