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Disc Notes [2007.10.03] ahis220 - Discussion Notes Art...

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Discussion Notes Art History October 3, 207 Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), 532,-537-- Turkey * got built in 5 years-- really fast * Justinian hired 10000 workers to make this Hagia Sophia, Section and Plan, Constantinople, 532-537 * know what section and plan is Hagia Sophia, interior View, Constantinople, 532-537 * Theodora stood in this gallery having this view Hagia Sophia, plan and interior view, Constantinople, 532-37 * The 4 things in the middle are the piers?peers? * support Hagia Sophia, Interior View, Constantionple, 532-537 * pendentive: a spherical triangle which acts as a transition b/w a circular dome and a square base on which the dome is set * the dome at Hagia Sophia is different/stands out b/c windows run along the base of it, which allows a lot more natural light, makes it weaker, “flying saucer” effect, divine light/wisdom * after the earthquake, they made the sides steeper-- steeper sides of the dome sets up more compressive force than pushing them out
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Disc Notes [2007.10.03] ahis220 - Discussion Notes Art...

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