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STUDY GUIDE FOR EASC 150G FINAL [SPRING 2007] {Stanley Rosen} FINAL EXAM: THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2 – 4 p.m., THH 201 [NOTE: THIS IS BEING PREPARED DURING THE LAST WEEK OF THE TERM, BUT THE SCHEDULE IS NOW PRETTY CLEAR.] A. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FINAL 1 1. Readings a. Michael Breen, The Koreans ( Revised and Updated Edition ) (all) b. James L. Watson, ed., Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia , Introduction and any three of the five country/territory chapters c. Suzanne Ogden, ed., China, ( Eleventh edition), p. 46-90, 197-212, 219-232 (the sections on Taiwan and Hong Kong) d. Dean W. Collinwood, ed., Japan and the Pacific Rim , eighth edition, pp. 19- 33, 137-142, 146-150, 153-154, 169-171, 181-190, 193. e. Ian Buruma, Inventing Japan: 1853-1864 , pp. 131-177 f. Nosaka Akiyuki, “American Hijiki,” in Howard Hibbett, ed., Contemporary Japanese Literature: An Anthology of Fiction, Film, and Other Writing Since 1945 , pp. 435-468 [ NOTE: “American Hijiki” may still be available for downloading from the following website: http://www.udel.edu/History/figal/hist371/text/orweek5.html ]; it should also be available on reserve. 2. Class Handouts a. Six pages stapled together, with five items on Taiwan and one on Hong Kong, as follows: 1. Taiwan: Terms, Names, Events, Data 2. “Chen Overcomes the Odds” [Presidential Election Results, 2004] 3. Survey on Taiwanese/Chinese identity 4. Survey on attitudes toward unification/independence 5. Face Off: Ma Ying-jeou and Wang Jin-pyng [KMT candidates] { South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), March 19, 2007} 6. “Hong Kong’s Leader Elected to Second Term” [ Los Angeles Times, March 26, 2007] b. Taiwan: Chronology of Major Events (two-sided) c. “The American Occupation of Japan” (Outline for Rosen lecture) d. Tampopo ”: Notes on the Film e. Double-sided handout on Japan: (1) “In First Month as Japan’s Premier, Abe Veers to Center” [ New York Times , October 28, 2006; (2) “China and Japan in Delicate Minuet to Ease Diplomatic Tensions” [ New York Times , April 12, 2007] f. The Japanese Version study guide (two-sided) g. “Background and Current Situation in Hong Kong” (4 pages on terms and names, as well as information on the Legislative Council) [NOTE: Because of a bad microphone we ended class early so I wasn’t able to go into detail in class on the Legislative Council and the current political situation in Hong Kong] h. Material on “ Old Boy ” [Eight pages of reviews from the New York Times and the Chicago Sun-Times , and an interview with the director from the Singaporean Straits Times ] 3. Feature Films a. " Infernal Affairs " (Hong Kong, 2001) [Original for “ The Departed ” (U.S., 2006)] 1
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b. Tampopo ” (Japan, 1986) c. Old Boy ” (South Korea, 2005) d. A State of Mind ” (United Kingdom, but about North Korea, 2004) 4. Videos a. The Japanese Version (U.S., 1991) b. ”Tug Of War: The Story of Taiwan”
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EASC_Final_Study_Guide - STUDY GUIDE FOR EASC 150G...

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