fa112 art review #1 - LBMA spr08

fa112 art review #1 - LBMA spr08 - FA-112, KoblitzFeb. 20,...

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Unformatted text preview: FA-112, KoblitzFeb. 20, 2008Art Review #1: Long Beach Museum of ArtAt the Long Beach Museum of Art, there were eight pieces of ceramicware; they were not all from one collection or artist, so there was not much cohesiveness in the entire exhibition in terms of form or style. However, all pieces displayed had a general influence from nature and so had a common organic element. I will discuss pieces by three of the seven featured artists-- Keisuke Mizuno, Rupert Deese, and Farraday Newsome.Keisuke Mizunos Forbidden Flower(2001) is the body of a pink flower, made of porcelain. There is great attention to detail, like the fragile waves in the petals and the veiny surface of those petals. After a cursory look at the piece, the first things to be noticed are the beauty and the delicate style. However, upon closer inspection of the hidden center of the flower, it is revealed that there is a bug contributing to the flowers decay. A quote by Mizuno states, Thats what I want to do, draw you into the piece and then Ive got a surprise for you. The theme of this representational and decorative piece is life and death. By contrasting the flowers aesthetic beauty and delicate surface with the hidden decay surrounding the bug, Mizuno...
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fa112 art review #1 - LBMA spr08 - FA-112, KoblitzFeb. 20,...

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