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HP 230 Fall 2007 Midterm 3 Study Guide Exam date: 12/4/2007 Most of the questions come from the lecture slides, but some of them come from the book (i.e. we did not talk about them in class). Note that four (4) extra credit questions are listed at the end. All the extra credit questions will appear on the exam and each question will be worth one point. Remember, you can ask for clarification on a question, but not whether you answer is correct or incorrect. Sports nutrition questions 1. Carbohydrate is a source of energy during exercise. What form of carbohydrate can supply up to two hours of energy? 2. The Female Athlete Triad is a set of related medical problems found in physically active women. What three medical conditions are seen in women who suffer from the Female Athlete Triad? 3. Iron-deficiency anemia can be a problem for some athletes. Identify one reason why some athletes may develop iron-deficiency anemia. 4. According to the Nutrient Timing System, the reason for including protein during the growth phase is to ____. 5. According the pre-meal guidelines discussed in class, the pre-game meal should be eaten ____ before the event. 6. You may be able to increase the amount of carbohydrate stored in your muscles as glycogen by carbohydrate loading. This process involves consuming about ___ percent of your calories from carbohydrate the week before your event and then switching to ____ percent during the three to four days before your event. 7. What sports supplement is found in red meat and may improve performance in events such as sprinting? 8. What type of sports supplement may prevent muscle protein breakdown and work with insulin to stimulate protein synthesis? 9. A rule of thumb to rehydrate after an event is to drink _____ of water for every ____ of fluid lost. 10. The pre-game meal should include only moderate amounts of _______ because eating foods containing this nutrient may lead to ____ urine production. 11. As muscles become more trained, their ability to use ______ as fuel source increases. 12. The fastest way to supply energy (ATP) to muscle cells during exercise is by _____ even
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This note was uploaded on 09/03/2008 for the course HP 230 taught by Professor Koprowski during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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HP_230_midterm_3_study_guide_fall2007 - HP 230 Fall 2007...

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