lec notes - exam review [2007.10.04] ahis220

lec notes - exam review [2007.10.04] ahis220 - *...

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* instructions for exam: bring blue books (preferably 1large, or 2 small) * 5 pairs of slides 15 minutes for each pair * identify each work giving period, date, subject, and place, architect (when relevant) * for example: period: early Christian, post recognition date: early 5 th century subject: Abraham and the three angels place: sta. maria maggiore, rome * in a short essay you are to compare the two works and discuss their cultural significance. In your essay you should refer to your reading whenever possible. * everything that’s on blackboard * for the san apollinare nuovo images, know which end of the church and which sides * example-- early Christian, post recognition-- Constantine, the buildings he constructed, how are they similar / different * example-- both are a martyrium, the use, think about directions (east vs west) * the reason we’re looking at the plan is the churches don’t remain * deal with them (building and plan) as if they’re the same thing * the picture with Justinian and his assistants--- think about Mathews * Byzantine style used by an Arian ruler in Ravenna
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lec notes - exam review [2007.10.04] ahis220 - *...

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