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American Studies 100 Prof. Michael Barton Introduction to American Studies Tocqueville Pretest #1 (Kramnick edition) Here is a list of some important quotations from Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America . Some are copied correctly and some are copied very incorrectly. Take this pretest by yourself and see if you can spot the fakes—that is, the incorrectly copied quotations. Or take it jointly with some classmates if you want. Look up each statement in the book to check on the correct wording. The purpose of this pre-test is to prepare you for the real test, and the purpose of the real test is to get you to memorize Tocqueville's claims. After that, we can argue about them. 1. Of all the novel things which attracted my attention during my stay in the United States, none struck me more forcibly than the inequality of social conditions. I had no difficulty in discovering the extraordinary influence this fundamental fact exerts upon the progress of society; it sets up a particular direction to public attitudes, a certain style to the laws, fresh guidelines to governing authorities, and individual habits to those
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AS_Tocq_pretest_1_Kramnick - American Studies 100...

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