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Reading Notes Nov 08 ahis220 fall07

Reading Notes Nov 08 ahis220 fall07 - READING November 8...

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READING November 8: Crusading Propaganda & Christian Discourse About Medieval Jews The Living Theater of Medieval Art: Anti-Semitism in Medieval Art p 139ff; by Kraus * Christ on throne, surrounded by the 12 Apostles, smaller figure to left who could be Moses, two angels blow the warning trumpets, and 4 more bear the Cross and the nails of the Crucifixion and Christ’s Crown * unconventional portrayal of hell b/c the work was done before conventions “had time to petrify” * Hell-- occupies the double lintel, apocalyptic monsters which purvey the torments to the Damned without the intercession of demons * by the opening graves are 7 clothed figures, 3 on left, 4 on right in the places conventionally for the Blessed and the Damned * Kraus doesn’t think the 7 little men are the Blessed and the Damned b/c they are all men, they’re not all 30 years old (at the Rising, all mankind would be 30), they’re all clothed (which is strange b/c it’s rare to see the Damned clothed) * Kraus says they’re not the risen dead, but are individuals who happen to be alive on Judgment Day, and several of them are Jews * anti-Semitic violence surged through Western Europe during the second Crusade
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