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Reading Notes October 16 ahis220 fall07

Reading Notes October 16 ahis220 fall07 - READING October...

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READING October 16: Carolingian First Half Of 9 th Century Early Medieval Architecture by Stalley Aachen’s palace chapel * Aachen-- site of Charlemagne’s palace * palace chapel at Aachen was modeled after San Vitale * was intended to be viewed as an image of the Heavenly Jerusalem-- eg; the circumference of the inner octagon is 144 Carolingian feet like the walls of the Heavenly Jerusalem in Revelatioin is 144 cubits-- dome where 24 elders depicted adoring God’s throne * Charlemagne’s throne was elevated “halfway” between earth and Heaven * burial place of Charlemagne, setting for imperial coronations dynastic shrine and icon of imperial power * two ways of influence-- visual copies and functional copies-- plan was reproduced a lot the architecture of the palace chapel became assoc w/ a variety of ideas, not all of which were connected to imperial power or Charlemagne St. Gall * from the Carolingian Renaissance * very large plan-- Utopian scheme * the one major difference b/w cloister of St. Gall and later monastic plans is lack of a chapter
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