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Chapter 7 1. What is the average age of identification of children with hearing loss in the United States? 12 to 36 months 2. List three family activities that help children develop communication competence. Informal conversations, storytelling, and responding to child questions allow the child to freely express feelings and opinions all of which contribute to the child’s communication competence 3. Does the first language a deaf child is exposed to always become the dominant language? Explain. The first language to which they are exposed does not necessarily become their dominant language. May learn asl later. 4. Why is contact signing not advocated as a teaching method? It does not provide children with an accurate model of either language 5. What is the difference between the auditory-verbal and auditory-oral approaches? Auditory verbal- focuses exclusively on using audition to facilitate language development. Auditory oral- incorporates a variety of visual strategies, speech reading with consistent auditory reinforcement to facilitate language learning 6. What accommodations might be used to make English more accessible to students in oral classrooms? oral interpreters, communication access real time translation (CART), cprint or toher captioning and speech to text software. 7. Describe the oral-manual controversy. For monolingual proponents, auditory management is crucial. For bilingual proponents, language is learned and most effectively taught using vision. 8. According to Marscharck, do prelingually and profoundly deaf children usually develop intelligible speech? Why or why not? Studies have indicated that intensive speech therapy has led to improvements in various aspects of speech production, but prelingually and profoundly deaf children have thus far rarely developed intelligible speech 9. What proportion of English sounds are visible to speechreaders? 1/3
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Chapter_7_Study_Guide - Chapter 7 1. What is the average...

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