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Reading Notes October 18 ahis220 fall07

Reading Notes October 18 ahis220 fall07 - READING October...

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READING October 18: Carolingian Second Half of 9 th Century Carolingian Civilization: Nithard’s History (Charles the Bald) by Dutton * Nithard-- son of Angilbert of Saint-Riquier and Charlemagne’s daughter Bertha * Nithard was asked by young Charles the Bald in 841 to compose an account of Charles’s time * Charles’s half brother-- Louis the German. Their brother Lothar campaigned for territorial and constitutional supremacy over his brothers * Janet Nelson says the first three books were written for the king, the last was written by “a disenchanted Nithard as a private history” Book 1 * Charles the Bald’s grandfather was Charlemagne * Emperor Charles died and “left the whole of Europe flourishing.” Plus, he “subdued the fierce and iron hearts of the Franks and barbarians” * Louis was the next heir. He was youngest of Charles’s legitimate sons. He succeeded to the throne after the other sons died. Louis asserted authority over the nobles. He ordered the immense treasures he inherited to be divided into 3 parts-- one part for the funeral, the other 2 divided b/w himself and his sisters (of lawful wedlock). Louis ordered his sisters to leave the palace instantly for the monasteries. His young brothers were brought up in the palace. He gave his nephew Italy, but he defected from Louis later. After that, Louis was scared his brothers would go against him, so he “put them under free custody into monasteries.” Divided up the empire among all his sons. Lothar (one of his sons) got to hold the emperor title with Louis.
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