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Reading Notes October 23 ahis220 fall07

Reading Notes October 23 ahis220 fall07 - READING October...

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READING October 23: Ottonian Revival and Innovation Early Medieval Architecture by Stalley, p 53-57 * later 9 th c-- Carolingian empire began to disintegrate-- monasteries / monastic settlements exposed to onslaught of the Vikings and other raiders b/c easy food and treasure * with all these attacks, the political fabric of Europe disintegrated into local principalities. germany was the first place stability was re-established, with the rise of the Ottonian dynasty in Saxony. Church prospered, became important to imperial power. * Ottonian architecture, based on Carolingians, but had new features-- two examples at Gernrode * Church at Gernrode (founded 961)--- basilican nave, eastern transept, square-planned choir, w/ crypt below. West end (remodeled in 12 th c) orig had large upper gallery with circular stair turrets on each side. The 2 most original features-- the galleries along full length of nave, and presence of both piers and columns to support the main arcades * these galleries rare in Ottonian architecture, but more common later in 11
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