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Reading Notes October 30 ahis220 fall07

Reading Notes October 30 ahis220 fall07 - Volturno Exultet...

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READING October 30: The Year 1000 and Ottonian and Spanish Apocalyptic Manuscripts The Bible, Apocalypse (Revelation 4) * look up Ottonian Book Illumination: Bamberg Apocalyptic Manuscripts by Mayr-Harting * the pictures from the bamberg apocalypse that illustrate the beginning of chapter 12 of the apocalypse-- woman, crown, dragon-- standard commentary says, woman represents Chruch, dragon represents the armed might of earthly kingdoms attacking the Church, the boy represents the Church obeying Christ-- in Ottonian art, you look at the hands b/c they add to the movement and drama of the picture * The upper plane of woman-dragon pic illustrates last verse of Apoc.11
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Unformatted text preview: * Volturno Exultet Roll of 981-987 The Millenium * group of manuscripts belonging to Otto III probably dating from 998 to 1002-- they stress contrition, penance, purification, which are the apocalyptic character of the evangelist portraits * Bamberg apocalypse probably dates from after 1000, so some might say that this fact alone means they couldn’t have been millenniaristic. but mayr-harting says this is oversimplistic. who can say what momentum is generated by millenniaristic fears and anticipations once aroused in whatever way?...
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