Midterm - English 202A Writing for the Social Sciences...

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English 202A: Writing for the Social Sciences Midterm Spring 2008 During the exam, do not use : Notes Textbooks Cell phones Other computer files If I notice you using any of these, I will assign you a failing grade for the exam. Record your answers on the answer sheet. True or False : Worth one point each. 1. The APA style guide has a specific policy about how to use non-biased language in social science writing. True False 2. You should adjust your “writing voice” to meet the needs of a professional or academic discipline. True False 3. In a project such as a survey, you should not collect both quantitative data and qualitative data. True False 4. Since it’s good advice to approach an interview with the end document in mind, you should ask leading questions in order to keep the interview focused. True False 5. An interview is a primary source. True False Multiple Choice : Worth two points each. 6. Social science writing is all of the following EXCEPT: a. Opinionated b. Persuasive c. Straightforward d. Grammatically correct 7. All of the following are true of social science writers EXCEPT: a. They must have high standards of honesty. b.
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Midterm - English 202A Writing for the Social Sciences...

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