20 vertebrae - 3. articular facets have more open position,...

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ANAT14 – FIRST LAB PRACTICUM EXAM STUDY GUIDE – VERTEBRAE Atlas 1. Has facet for axis’ dens 2. has anterior arch 3. has no body 4. large vertebral foramen 5. large articular facets Axis: 1. has denz 2. articular facets have more “open” position, allowing more rotational movement Thoracic vertebrae: 1. possess long, thin, spinous processes that are directed inferiorly 2. have extra articular facets on the lateral surfaces that articulate with the ribs
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Unformatted text preview: 3. articular facets have more open position, allowing more rotational movement Lumbar vertebrae: 1. have large, thick bodies 2. have heavy, rectangular transverse and spinous processes 3. the superior articular facets face medially, the inferior articular facets face laterally (for stability)...
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