1-23-08 - Wednesday APA’s advice 1 Respect individual...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2007 The Social Nature of Writing Why is language social? We agree to use rules. We acknowledge the reader. As society changes, so does language. Dates when language changed 1066 - The Normans invade England 1450 - Printing press invented 1775-1781 - American Revolution 1865 - Word processor invented 1867 - Typewriter invented 1985 - Text messaging developed How does language change? Becomes easier Becomes more accessible Becomes more inclusive What influences our “writing voice”? Family and friends Community Media o Add to those: professional goals is an academic discipline
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, January 23, 2007 APA’s advice 1. Respect individual preferences 2. Realize that preferences will change 3. Determine what’s appropriate at the time Race or Ethnicity African American Mexican American European American Referring to Participants in Research “subject” is out of fashion Better words o Participant o Respondent o Individual o College Students Who is your audience? Education Familiarity with the subject Purpose for reading your work...
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1-23-08 - Wednesday APA’s advice 1 Respect individual...

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