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16 Knee - Hinge Joint - Femoris tendon Patella Articular...

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ANAT14 – FIRST LAB PRACTICUM EXAM STUDY GUIDE – KNEE HINGE JOINT Hinge Joint: 1. Permit movement in one plane only (one axis) 2. consist of a convex cylinder of one bone applied to a corresponding concavity of the other bone Tibia Fibula Femur Quadriceps
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Unformatted text preview: Femoris tendon Patella Articular Cartilage Patellar Tendon Medial Meniscus Medial /tibial Collateral Ligamen Lateral /fibularal Collateral Ligament Lateral Meniscus Patellar Ligament Anterior Cruciate Ligament Posterior Cruciate Ligament...
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