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Kick-Off Meeting MINUTES 29/03/2007 18:00 IBM – VIDEOCONFERENCE ROOM CHAIR Albert Ferguson  MINUTE TAKER Albert Ferguson ATTENDEES(REQUIRED) Albert Ferguson, Simon Mclean, Lance Bertram, Aaron Maskell, Wade Rivett - PM (Phone) ATTENDEES(OPTIONAL) Na START TIME 18:00  FINISH TIME 18:50 NEXT MEETING Time 18:00 Date  03/04/2007   Location Mt Helen Library Agenda ACTION ITEM Assigned to Start Date Due Date Notes O K Project Manager  Wade 29/3 25/5 N/a X Project Charter Aaron 29/3 3/4 Preliminary Scope Statement Wade 29/3 3/4  Simon to email notes to  wade Webmaster Albert 29/3 25/5 Design a document template standard Lance 29/3 03/04 Design Team Logo Simon 29/3 03/04 Similar to the A-Team  Logo Decide on Team Name All 29/3 29/3 Team Name: A-Team X Confirm with Sally:  Assigning Roles,  whether we consider ourselves working on 
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Unformatted text preview: project, or assign other resources Albert 29/3 03/04 Business Case Review, create draft Simon 29/3 03/04 Team to Review 03/04 Stakeholder Analysis All 03/04-Other Items All documents will be uploaded within 24 hours of approval, to ensure they are available to everyone All documents will be reviewed by the team, and then again by Wade, before being uploaded All minutes will be emailed to Sally, to show progress and to make her aware of meeting times. Team will meet weekly, deciding on each meeting time and location the week before All team contact details have been listed on the website...
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kick_off_meeting_minutes - project, or assign other...

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