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Kick-Off Meeting MINUTES 29/03/2007 18:00 IBM – VIDEOCONFERENCE ROOM CHAIR Albert Ferguson  MINUTE TAKER Albert Ferguson ATTENDEES(REQUIRED) Albert Ferguson, Simon Mclean, Lance Bertram, Aaron Maskell, Wade Rivett - PM (Phone) ATTENDEES(OPTIONAL) Na START TIME 18:00  FINISH TIME 18:50 NEXT MEETING Time 18:00 Date  03/04/2007   Location Mt Helen Library Agenda ACTION ITEM Assigned to Start Date Due Date Notes O K Project Manager  Wade 29/3 25/5 N/a X Project Charter Aaron 29/3 3/4 Preliminary Scope Statement Wade 29/3 3/4  Simon to email notes to  wade Webmaster Albert 29/3 25/5 Design a document template standard Lance 29/3 03/04 Design Team Logo Simon 29/3 03/04 Similar to the A-Team  Logo Decide on Team Name All 29/3 29/3 Team Name: A-Team X Confirm with Sally:  Assigning Roles,  whether we consider ourselves working on 
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Unformatted text preview: project, or assign other resources Albert 29/3 03/04 Business Case – Review, create draft Simon 29/3 03/04 Team to Review 03/04 Stakeholder Analysis All 03/04-Other Items • All documents will be uploaded within 24 hours of approval, to ensure they are available to everyone • All documents will be reviewed by the team, and then again by Wade, before being uploaded • All minutes will be emailed to Sally, to show progress and to make her aware of meeting times. • Team will meet weekly, deciding on each meeting time and location the week before • All team contact details have been listed on the website...
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