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        Preliminary Scope Statement                             ABC Opensource PRELIMINARY SCOPE STATEMENT: Outlined is the Preliminary Scope Statement for the defined project. 1.0 SCOPE OBJECTIVES: To design and create a website for the client (ABC Open Source) for the purpose of the promotion of open source software development. The website will include such things as: Information about open source operating systems. This will include information on the development of open source software packages and places to download them. Relevant support group contact details. This section will provide users with information on people who they can contact for additional information related to open source software development. A web blog which will provide information of previous updates on the website. This information will include the time and date of the update as well as what has been updated in order to give the user the best possible information. Users of the website will also have
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prelim_scope_statement_final - Preliminary Scope Statement...

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