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Chapter 10 Study guide Being a Deaf Adult: Viewpoints from Sociology 1. Describe the role of benevolent paternalism in the medical model of deafness. This model reinforces the concept that deaf individuals rely on professional authorities with the goal of creating a pathway to some sort of recovery or amelioration of the disabling condition. 2. How do the ways in which disabled and non-disabled people define disabilities differ? People without disabilities cite physical limitations as major problems for people with disabilities, people with disabilities themselves tend to focus on social barriers and negative attitudes 3. Describe the roles of communication, collaboration, and technology in the DPN uprising. Enhanced by demographic, social, and technological influences 4. How did DPN affect Deaf people’s political involvement? The political acumen and strengths built up by the nad and other deaf organizations came of age as more deaf people learned to capitalize on the political process to campaign for a variety of goals and objectives 5. In the view of Deaf people, what is the main goal of the ADA and other recent disability-related laws? Society acknowledges their right to the various types of access enjoyed by the majority society 6. Why are culturally Deaf people so frustrated with the way society allocates funding related to deafness? Because of cost factors, medical settings have often limited the hiring of sign language interpreters for deaf patients seeking medical consultation, ada provisions notwithstanding 7. Describe three influences on multiculturalism in the deaf community within the last 20 years. Increase of multicultural students in settings where deaf children and youth are educated, has reinforced the need to acknowledge diversity in the deaf community 8. Describe the roles of the following organizations in the Deaf community: NAD and state associations The goal of the nad was to bring deaf people throughout the us together to deliberate on their needs, and eventually to advocate for basic rights
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Chapter_10_Study_guide - Chapter 10 Study guide Being a...

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