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Chapters 11-12 Study Guide Chapter 11 1. Describe the cultural dilemma faced by hearing children of Deaf parents. Lennard davis wanted to escape deafness but eventually discovered that he really sought to flee the deafness constructed by hearing society. 2. How were deaf people portrayed by hearing authors in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? These descriptions typically depicted deaf characters as ones who are ostracized from mainstream society, often ending up the butt of many jokes or as melancholy characters in a world of silence 3. Was the Deaf President Now movement focused on disability rights? Explain. DPN was not a disability rights movement rather it was a civil rights movement 4. How do community accommodations redefine disability? Society continues to reinforce the disability rather than create a level playing field. If over accommodated, the general public is at a disability 5. Why are deaf people who attempt to change policies traditionally set forth by hearing professionals sometimes viewed as angry and militant? 6. How does the perception of “Hearing” identity differ between people in the immersion stage and the bicultural stage of Deaf identity? People in this stage are able to recognize that the hearing category does not necessarily have to be one of denigration. Rather than simplistically reflecting a paternalistic force, deaf people can also see hearing to mean a person with a different set of experiences based on hearing, or who may be judged as a trustworthy ally 7. Who is Robert Davila? Assistant secretary in charge of the office of special education and rehabilitative services 8. Describe the lack of accommodation for deaf postal workers during the 2001 anthrax scare. Sign language interpreters by and large were not made available to convey information to the deaf workers in what could potentially have been a life or death situation 9. What does Lane mean by the terms “mask of benevolence” and “audism”? Mask of benevolence as a guise for oppressing deaf people and exploiting them for financial gain. Audism- clarifies this word to reflect social relationships constructed by the hearing=speaking majority on the basis of assumed superiority over deaf people 10. Discuss the potential for paternalism to influence hearing people’s decision to enter fields related to deafness. How can this pitfall be avoided? 11. When and how does oppression happen in hearing-deaf relationships?
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Chapters_11_and_12_Study_Guide - Chapters 11-12 Study Guide...

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