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Mass Communication Process Syllabus - Mass Communication...

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Mass Communication Process (COMMRC 0320) Fall 2008 Instructor : Dr. Meredith Guthrie Office : 1117 Cathedral of Learning Office Hours : MWF 8-11 and by appointment Email : [email protected] (email is the best way to contact me) Course Description and Objectives: This course introduces students to an overview of the issues and theories central to the study of mediated forms of communication. In short, we will study what it means to live in our mediated age. After the completion of this course, you should be able to: Use the basic vocabulary of media scholarship Examine some economic, ideological, and organizational factors that influence the media Begin to analyze the influence of the media on social attitudes and value systems, particularly as they intersect with race, class, gender, and sexuality Required Text: Ralph E. Hanson. Mass Communication: Living in a Mediated World , 2 nd ed. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2008. Electronic Resources: The following resources can enhance your knowledge of class materials, and help you succeed both on exams and in your knowledge of the media in general. This is the companion website for our book. For each chapter, it offers: o A study guide with review questions o Flashcards for the chapter vocabulary o A crossword puzzle that uses the vocabulary o Exercises to get you thinking about the issues introduced in the chapter o Links to web resources If you can only use one of the online resources, this is the one to use! This is a blog written by our textbook’s author, Ralph E. Hanson. In this blog, he further explains many of the concepts from the book and explicitly connects them to current events. This is a great way to connect class concepts to the “real world.” This is a chapter-by-chapter list of every link offered in our book, plus newer links Dr. Hanson has added since the book was published. Again, this link offers a lot of “real world” connections to our class.
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Grades will be made up from the following points: Practice Quizzes: 100 Test One: 100 Test Two: 100 Final Exam: 200 Who Owns What: 100 Annotated Bibliography: 100 Recitation Group Assignments: 150 Recitation Participation: 100 Assignments: Practice Quizzes : Each week, you will have the opportunity to complete a practice quiz that covers some of the material covered in that week’s reading and lecture. These quizzes will give you the opportunity to test how well you have learned important material, and will help prepare you for the exams. Hopefully, this will make exam time less stressful. Although the quizzes are not worth a great deal of points, you will find that they are an important component of your success in this class. The practice quizzes will be on Courseweb. To make the quizzes work, you may need to disable
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Mass Communication Process Syllabus - Mass Communication...

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