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social innovation ind - Team 2 Social Innovation: Mobile...

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Team 2 Social Innovation: Mobile School for Children of Migrant Workers Mission statement Can you say it in one sentence? (50 word limit) To construct, develop, and maintain a mobile school that will allow the children of migrant workers to travel with their parents while receiving an education in a positive and beneficial learning environment during the various growing/farming seasons of the year. Statement of the problem What social issue will your project address? What community will benefit from your solution? (150 word limit) The community that will be benefiting from this social innovation is the families of migrant workers in the Colonias along the Mexico-American border. The education of migrant children in these areas continues to pose educational problems in which learning is hindered by frequent moves, poverty, gaps in previous schooling, and language barriers. Moving from place to place makes it difficult for these children to attend school regularly, learn at grade level, and meet the necessary graduation requirements of students. Furthermore, if these children decided to stay at home without their parents in order to receive an education, this would be breaking up and distancing families for long periods of time. The solution How do you plan to address the problem? What logistics or resources are involved in making your idea work? (250 word limit)
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social innovation ind - Team 2 Social Innovation: Mobile...

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