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Unformatted text preview: Closet Computer Nicole Girsch Group 2 Type and Purpose The closet computer is a product Its main purpose is to easily pick out an outfit from a closet full of many articles of clothing. Main Drivers/Potential Customers The reason why I developed this innovation is because it can prove to be useful when a person has many articles of clothing crammed into a single small space, making it hard to remember all the possible combinations for creating your desired outfit. Potential customers will typically include wealthy individuals with a lot of clothes. Visual Depiction Textual Narrative Description The computer works by a human operator storing a description of every piece of clothing he or she owns into the computer by which the closet computer can select the article of clothing based on what occasion, clothing type, season, color, ect. the person inputs. Prior Work Collection = Google Patent Search: ( This patent is similar to my idea but it is a system for generating recommendations for what to wear, not for organizing them) Nicole Girsch Group 2 MP3 Trio The MP3 trio is a product used to leisurely watch television anytime of day from anywhere in the world, but also includes a downloadable videos feature as well as the typical MP3 music feature. Type/ Main Purpose Main Drivers: If you can watch movies and listen to music on MP3s then why not add a television feature as well? Potential Customers/Users: TV watchers everywhere! Visual Depiction MP3 trio is a product containing regular MP3 capabilities, but also containing a builtin television that allows you to access any basic television channel from anywhere at any time. This TV feature allows the viewer to carry a pocketsize television for easy and accessible viewing. No more eyestraining at restaurants to catch the last minute of the game or searching for the treadmill at the gym nearest to the TV! The MP3 trio has it all, including a downloadable movie feature. Description of Product = Google Patent Search: id=6IQSAAAAEBAJ&dq=MP3+player+%2B+TV Prior Works Collection Color-matching Nail Polish Nicole Girsch Group 2 Main Drivers/ Potential Customers I developed this innovation because it is much more convenient to have a nail polish that can change to match the color you are wearing that day so your nails always match your clothes! Females will be the primary customer of this product. Visual Depiction Description of Product This nail polish works by using a camouflagingingredient to sense what color you are wearing and change colors accordingly. Prior Work Collection Google patent search: eek10/OG/html/13161/US07185452 20070306.html A&M Electronic Parking Pass Nicole Girsch Group 2 Type/ Main Purpose The type of innovation is a service for students and faculty The main reason why this innovation was developed is to make parking on campus less frustrating and more convenient for students trying to get to class on time. Drivers/ Potential Customers This innovation will make parking on campus easier and more efficient. The way the system is set up now, students are forced to park on top levels of parking garages located as far as 30 min. walking distance from their classes. This will cut travel time to and from class substantially while giving every student an equal parking privilege. Potential Customers include Texas A&M students and faculty. Visual Depiction Description of Product This electronic parking tag works by storing a copy of your classes and which buildings on campus they are in in a memory chip and electronically allowing you to park in an allotted parking space near your class for the duration of the class with about 15 minutes extention before and after the class time. Prior Work Collection Google Patent Search: (Only similar patent was a parking meter) Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml %2FPTO%2Fsearch bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1= %22parking+pass %22&s2=electronic&OS="parking+pass"+AND+electroni c&RS="parking+pass"+AND+electronic ...
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