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Unformatted text preview: Self-Cooling Sweatband Nicole Girsch Team 2: Designalicious Type/ Main Purpose This soft innovation is a product Intended to cool you down while running outside or participating in any other type of physical activity on a hot day Main Drivers/ Users The reason why I developed this innovation is because normal sweatbands tend to make the person wearing them even hotter and on a hot day, and it would be nice to have this cooling device to cool you down while you are exercising. Anyone who is physically active (can be worn indoors or outdoors) Visual Depiction Narrative Description The headband/sweatband works by responding to body heat and releasing cool gasps of air onto the forehead and back of neck to help make the person feel cooler during exercise. Prior Work Collection Google Patent Search: ( A solar powered cooling hat) USPTO : (ventilating hat) Clip-On Cup Holder Nicole Girsch Team 2: Designalicious Type/Main Purpose This innovation is a product Its purpose is to provide a convenient holder for any type of beverage that can clip onto a desk for usage during class. Main Drivers/Users I developed this innovation because during my early 8 o’clock classes, I like to drink coffee during class and the typical desk space is not big enough for your papers and a coffee mug, therefore if I could bring a clipon cup holder to class every day, I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking over my mug or getting papers wet. This product can be used by anyone Visual Depiction + Narrative Description This product works by clipping onto the end of any desk and can hold any standard size cup or mug. This clears up desk space for your notebooks, textbook, and pen and also prevents any spills from occurring, since the drink is securely placed in the holder. There is also an adjustment knob to fit a range of different size cups and mugs. Prior-Works Collection Google Patent Search: (standard cup holder, not clip-on) USPTO: (a portable cup-holder stand with retractable legs) Aromatherapy Fan Nicole Girsch Team 2: Designalicious Type/ Main Purpose This innovation is a product It’s main purpose is to release calming scents or fragrances into a room through the blades of a fan therefore better facilitating the scent throughout the entire room as the fan circulates the air. Main Drivers/ Users The main driver for creating this innovation is that most air fresheners only release their fragrance in the area directly around them before diffusing into the air and losing their scent. Therefore, most of the fragrance from a typical candle or air freshener tends to be concentrated right around wherever it is located. This innovation will release a fragrance throughout the entire room. Anyone who enjoys candles or air fresheners will also enjoy this innovation. Visual Description Narrative Description The way this innovation works is by storing a liquid fragrance or aromatherapy smell in the blades of a ceiling fan so that when the fan is turned on, the fragrance is released and spread throughout the entire room by the facilitating movement of air. The scents can be changed out whenever necessary and be refilled. Also, aromatherapy scents such as relaxing scents that help you sleep and de-stress can also be dispersed. Prior Works Collection Google Patent Search: (fan with fragrance cake in center) USPTO: (ceiling fan air cleaner and freshener, not with aromatherapy or calming scents) Car Locator on Remote Clickers Nicole Girsch Group 2 : Designalicious Type/ Main Purpose This innovation is a product/ service. The main purpose is to locate your vehicle in a garage or parking lot full of cars. Main Drivers/ Users I thought of developing this innovation after forgetting where I parked my car in Northside Garage one day after class, and it ended up taking a considerable amount of time to find it, not to mention the fact that I looked weird wandering around the garage. This device can be used by anyone with a vehicle. Visual Description Textual Description This device works by sensing the position of your vehicle and displaying a small arrow pointing in the direction of your vehicle on a screen located on your car remote. The sensors are unique to each vehicle and you won’t pick up signals from other cars using the same device. With this innovation, you will never have to worry about losing Prior Works Collection Google Patent Search: (a remote control locator system to find household objects) USPTO: %2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearchadv.htm&r=2&f=G&l=50&d=PTXT&S1=%22ca r+remote%22&OS="car+remote"&RS="car+re mote" ...
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