PSYCH 105 - Notes - Section 3 - Studying Human Nature

PSYCH 105 - Notes - Section 3 - Studying Human Nature -...

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Studying Human Nature Lecture Goals Briefly describe different approaches to Psychology Briefly discuss how these contributed to development of modern Psychology Reading Thinking About Modern Psychology Ch. 3 Brief History of Psychology Ch. 4 How Did Psychology Begin? Early Models of Human Nature Hobbes (1600’s) “_Biological Instinct _” Biological machinery drives lead to selfishness, violence Must yield to authority and society Locke’s Blank Slate (1600’s) Response to Hobbes Identity _is_learned _ Environment is critical Rousseau’s Noble Savage (1700’s) Savage’s natural state Selfless Peaceful Untroubled _Civilization _ brings greed, anxiety, violence Descartes' _Ghost in the Machine _ Soul (mind) vs. body (brain) How to Study Human Nature?? Emanuel Kant Psychology never be a science because there is no measurement and experimentation _to quantify events _ Solution Greenwich observatory Fired for .8 of a second Friedrich Bessel Studies individual differences in timing
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Birth of “_mental chronometry _” measurements of time that thoughts take Who’s the Father? Maybe…. .Gustav Fechner (1801-1887) Founder of psychophysics Documented relationship between brain stimulation and subjective experience of the mind Legitimized objective measurement of _body/mind relationship _ 1860 publishes Elements of Psychophysics Birth date of Psychology?? Maybe….Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Considered first psychologist First Psychology lab-- 1879 Measured reaction times of sensory/perceptual processes Named journal Philosophical Studies
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PSYCH 105 - Notes - Section 3 - Studying Human Nature -...

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