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1/11/2016 Administrative and course introduction 1 CPSC 203 Introduction to practical problem solving (James Tam) Database Spreadsheet Computer programming Images: Administrative (James Tam) Contact Information Office: ICT 707 Email: [email protected] Make sure you specify the course name and number in the subject line of the email ‘CPSC 203’ Office hours Office hours: M (3:30 4:20 PM), T (2 2:50 PM) If I’m not in my office give me a few minutes or check the lecture room. My Office Images: courtesy of James Tam
1/11/2016 Administrative and course introduction 2 Course Resources Required resources: Course website: (You must get the slides off the course webpage before lecture) Additional resources (external) will be provided for these topics Computer fundamentals Spreadsheets Databases Creating web pages & web-based computer programs Hard copies can be purchased at “Bound and copied”: How To Use The Course Resources They are provided to support and supplement this class. The notes outline the topics to be covered At a minimum look through the notes to see the important topics. However the notes are just an outline and just looking at them without coming to class isn’t sufficient to do well You will get additional details (e.g., explanations) during lecture time Take notes! If you miss a lecture then get a copy of the in-class notes from another student (who takes detailed notes)
1/11/2016 Administrative and course introduction 3 Your Engagement Level ---> Your Learning + Learning Create: spreadsheets, databases Write: Computer programs Tam’s “House Rules” I always endeavor to keep the lecture within the prescribed time boundaries You won’t pack up and leave before time is up