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Thomas Z . Clarke English 15 Sec 24 Ms . Amanda Passamore April 28, 2008 The True Division of Heavy Metal (Final Revision) Heavy metal is an exceptionally profound genre and incorporates different groups of music into one large genre . The genre is broad and could have thousands of different ways of interpreting the actual characteristics involved . It is actually a sub-genre of rock music and has been developing since the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s . Heavy metal started with influences from blue-rock, psychedelic rock, and hard rock . It is also, defined as the most extreme in terms of the heavy guitar and drum sound . There are many different types of sub-genres in the heavy metal category and have gone through many diverse changes throughout the years . Many of the heavy metal sub-genres are non-mainstream and are underground . The sub-genres are incredibly specific, but also hard to define into a lone category . In my opinion there are eight specific sub- genres and have specific characteristics that would define it into that division . The specifics that go into dividing heavy metal into sub-genres are things such as instrumentals, vocals, and the lyrical content . Black metal is one types of music in heavy metal that can be set apart from the other genres, because of high-pitched guitars often played with tremolo picking, high-pitched vocals,
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C l a r k e  | 2 fast tempos and abnormal song arrangement define this sub-genre . Drumming is also fast paced, and is often performed using double bass, blast beat, and D-beat techniques . Some bands rely on drum machines instead of a human drummer, because some of the drum solos are too difficult for a human drummer to play . This sub-genre has very fast-paced rhythms, often exceeding the speed of many other genres of music . Fast-paced rhythms are the epitome of black metal. Black metal, vocally, is sung with a distinct harsh style, often an extremely deep rasp or a high-pitched scream . The lyrical content of the songs, emphasize Satanic, Pagan, and occult themes. Sepultura is the epitome of black metal, even though they have been on a decline . Their lyrical content is almost always satanic and follows with disturbing images . For example, the song, “ Convicted in Life ,” shows everything black metal is and should be . The video for the song shows many and many images that are satanic . Throughout the video there is death, disease, anti-Christ images, and animals like the pig and ram . The ram represents evil and hate. The song is lyrically about coming to hell and telling everyone that it isn’t a great place . Most of the songs by this band are
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HeavyMetalls - Thomas Z. Clarke English 15 Sec 24 Ms....

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