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MUSC 142 class notes

MUSC 142 class notes - Pitch sound determined by frequency...

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MUSC 142 Aug 19 Word painting – pictures drop down Alecto- came after you if you do some sort of crime Ground base- repeating over and over again to express the persuasive power of music. Nomadic music- imitative music of nature; this type of music creates a cheap thrill that can not be hold for too long. Mimesis – imitating birds for example Association meaning: Psychological meaning: dramatic and calming; depends on rhythm and other components. Pomp and Circunstance- there are 5 marches.
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Unformatted text preview: Pitch sound: determined by frequency Sound: minute changes in bromidic measure Two pitches lie in an octave when they line the ratio 2:1, 440 – 200 octave Fill in octaves with steps and scales Pentatonic scale, gap scale, whole tone scale Half step down scale- dramatic scale Shoppach Pentatonic music: common in folk music, African American spirituals, religious music and some oriental music....
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