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E-120: Principles of Engineering Economics Midterm Exam I Feb 28, 2007 Name: ___________________________________________ (please print) SID: ______________________ Clearly state all the formula and mathematical expressions that are needed to solve the problems. No credit will be given to numerical answers without the proper setup (except 2.a) . Answer each of the following questions in the space provided. If you need more space to show major computations you performed to obtain your answer for a particular problem, use the back of the preceding page. Present your work in an organized and neat fashion. Good Luck! Problem 1 (25) 2 (30) 3 (20) 4 (25) Total (100) Score 1
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Part 1: Concepts. (25 points, 5 each) E 1.1) Which of the following statements is False for a dealer market? A. A dealer market is a secondary market. B. Nasdaq is a dealer market. (NSE auction market) C. Dealers sell and buy at their own risk. D. A dealer holds an inventory of the particular securities. E. A Dealer is to match those who wish to sell with those who wish to buy. C 1.2) What of the following statements for financial statements are TRUE ? I. Cash flow from assets (CFFA) cannot be negative. II. Book value cannot be larger than market value.
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eng120-Spring2007-mt1-Zhang-soln - E-120 Principles of...

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