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Shakespeare Test #2 Question #1 Throughout the development and course of his many works, Shakespeare utilized similar themes and elements that to this day are so well-known and cherished that when utilized outside of his plays, they are still characterized as “Shakespearean”. Of these established elements, one of the most significant is the principle of thematic analogue - where a certain circumstance or situation is recurring and seen in different settings – utilized generally, to prove a concept or belief. . The principle of thematic analogue is crucial to understanding Shakespeare’s works, and works as a key element in introducing and expressing Shakespeare’s ideas on love, power and the like. Such an important Shakespearean aspect can be exemplified in A Midsummer Night’s Dream , in which the theme of love is essentially ridiculed and downplayed by all social classes. In studying Midsummer , it becomes apparent that the focal point of the play revolves around the four young, foolish lovers who will stop at nothing to gain the reciprocation of love. Hoping to escape the binds of Athens and the law, they find themselves entrapped by the
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