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6 - 2 a The correlation is negative y*=10-2(2-3x =6 6x...

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Minitab #6 1. a) Scatter plot (Minitab). Correlation between X and Y is -0.964. b) E(Y)=2 V(Y)=V(2-3X+e)=9V(X)+V(e)=9*16/12+1 c) Scatter plot (Minitab). Correlation would be closer to the line, since the noise will be less variable. d) Scatter plot (Minitab). -1, since there would be no noise e) Around 0, since X and Y are independent.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. a) The correlation is negative y*=10-2(2-3x) =6+6x x*=-3x b)Positive 3. a) If E and Z are normal Cor(X,Y)=0 if they are independent. b) The correlation is closer to 1. It is .829 according to Minitab which is a dramatic increase from .041 from before. c) Increase 15....
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