7 - 6. Mean of APPL is 43.8% 7. R-Sq indicates that...

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Minitab #7 1. The objective of the analysis it to find out return and risks that Apple stock has compared to overall market 2. The target population is closing prices stock for Apple computer 3. The sample is not likely to be representative, since a random sample can’t be taken. Future prices can’t be sampled. 4. 5. 35.6+0.88(-10)=26.8
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Mean of APPL is 43.8% 7. R-Sq indicates that uncertainty has been reduced by 2.7% 8. When the annual percentage of S&P500 goes up by 1% APPL can be expected to go up by 0.88 9. Beta of APPL is bigger, so it is more risky. CV also indicates that APPL is riskier with CV of APPL being 196.66 and CV of S&P500 being 170.70. 10. The scatter plot indicates that beta is not reliable....
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