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Minitab #9 1. Assumption 1 holds because there is no pattern. 2. I. Ho: Correlation=0, H1: Correlation≠0 II. since P-V=.501>.10, we do not reject Ho III. Thus, the correlation is not significantly different than 0 in the population. Assumption 2 is likely valid 3. D-W is bigger than 1 and smaller than 3 so the assumption is likely to hold. 4. There appears to be no pattern
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Unformatted text preview: 5. No, assumption 4 doesnt appear to hold since the histogram isnt unimodel. 6. I feel some of the answers do not hold, since although the P-V holds the graphs dont match the pattern. 7. Yes, ones that are bigger than .2 8. .29 appears to be the biggest leverage point. 9. The numbers appear to be bigger....
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