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5 - 4(minitab Both box plots appear to be roughly symmetric...

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Project #5 1. (minitab) The box plot looks roughly symmetric, but slightly skewed to the left. 2. Interval B.R. (494,508.25) 50% (472.625, 515.375) 90% (451.25, 536.75) 95% E.R. (491.82, 510.98) 68% (482.24, 520.56) 95% (472.66, 530.14) 99.5% C.R. (491.82, 510.98) =>0% (482.24, 520.56) =>75% (472.66, 530.14) =>86% Compared to the E.R. and C.R. the Box Plot interval seems a little more spread out. There appears to be a bigger deviation. 3. Std Dev=9.58, CoefVar=1.91, Median=500, Range=38, IQR=14.25
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (minitab) Both box plots appear to be roughly symmetric. However, the Alternative Supplier has a shorter range, and appears to be slightly skewed to the right as opposed to the left for the current supplier. The Current supplier has a higher median. 5. (minitab). The Alternative seems to be more robust than the Current supplier, since the IQR, CoefVar, and Range is smaller....
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