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Minitab - c The central value is 42 d The histogram of...

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Minitab Project #2 1. (Minitab) 2. I feel the five class histogram depicts the data best. a. The histogram displays around which intervals sales normally fall under. It is helpful to project where the average number of sales will fall under, and can be used to assume that sales figures that are below the median or above are out of the norm. b. The histogram appears to have a wide dispersion, and appears to be skewed to the right. There appears to be only one mode, and doesn’t appear to look symmetrical. It doesn’t look symmetrical, since sales figures between the interval of 33 and 39 occur had a rather high rate as opposed to sales between 45 and 51.
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Unformatted text preview: c. The central value is 42. d. The histogram of class five has one mode. e. I would say the spread is of wide dispersion. 3. a. If the statistical scheme is working I expect the population to be symmetric, since it is uniform. b. The center should be .5, since it is the median of interval 0 to 1. c. There is a .25 chance that the population is less than .25, since P(x<.25)=1/4 d. The answer is ¼ again, since it is continuous. e. I expect it to be closer to the population. f. Theoretically there is no mode, so there is no bell shape. g. There are no modes or so many modes you can’t count (infinitely many) h. (Minitab)...
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