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Maria Tsiolkas Nutrition 301:002 Dr. Ash 29 February 2008 Food Diary Project 1A Computer Servings Conversion to MyPyramid MyPyramid Recommendations My Intake Percentage Bread, etc 2.6 2.6 ounces 6 ounces 43.3% Vegetable 2.6 1.3 cups 2 cups 65% Fruit 2 1 cup 1.5 cups 66.7% Meat, etc 1.6 3.2 ounces 5 ounces 64% Milk .3 .3 cups 3 cups 10% I am pretty low on all of my recommendations, but especially my milk one. The others are adequate, but could be boosted some. 1B FOOD GRAIN VEGETABLE FRUIT DAIRY MEAT/ALT FAT/SWEET Special K Red Berries X X Grilled Chkn Sandwich X X X Fruit Cup X Grilled Chkn Salad X X Pecan Crunch Ice Cream X Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar X Chkn Noodle Soup X X Smoked Turkey Wrap X X X X Salted Peanuts X Potato Chips X Mandarin Oranges X Cupcake w/icing X Peanut Butter Crackers X X Pineapple Chunks X Boneless BBQ Ribs X Greek Salad X X
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Grapefruit X Mashed Potatoes X X 1C Grains- Half of the grains that I ate were whole grains, like my Clif bar was made with whole rolled oats, my bun on my sandwich was a whole wheat bun topped with oats, and my cereal was made with whole grain wheat. The others were just refined grains like the noodles in the chicken noodle soup. Vegetables -I had different types of greens, like iceberg romaine, and leaf lettuce. I had potatoes which are starchy vegetable and had olives and carrots on my salad; but I need to add more dark orange and different types of vegetables into my diet, like putting broccoli and spinach in my salad with corn and black beans. Fruit - I did pretty well varying the types of fruits I had. My fruit cup consisted of apples, grapes, mandarin orange segments, and cut up strawberries. I also had citrus fruits like grapefruit, pineapple chunks, and mandarin orange segments. Dairy - I did not do well with dairy at all. My sources were from provolone cheese in my wrap, milk in mashed potatoes, ice cream, and feta cheese on my salad. I need to eat more low fat sources of dairy products. Meat/Beans - I ate low fat meats like turkey and chicken, and the chicken was also grilled. I also had ribs and peanuts or peanut butter, which are higher in fat, but threw in some variety. I did not have any fish products. 1D I. Protein- My milk is low and my meat/beans are alright, so I predict my protein levels to be “lowish.” Fiber- I got an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, and I ate a good amount of whole grains, so I would predict my fiber levels to be “adequate.” Vitamin A - My milk is low, and my fruits and vegetables are adequate, so I would predict my vitamin A levels to be on the “lowish” side. Vitamin B-12-
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food diary project - Maria Tsiolkas Nutrition 301:002 Dr...

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