paper 4 - Tsiolkas 1 Maria Tsiolkas Mr. Cochran English 101...

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Tsiolkas 1 Maria Tsiolkas Mr. Cochran English 101 28 November 2007 What are the Consequences of Laws on Abortion? Many people think that abortion is brutal and should not ever be allowed in this country. Think about all the young women who were the victims of rape or incest, and what they would think if they were not able to abort their unwanted child due to a law stating it is murder. What a woman does to her own body should be her decision only, not the governments, and she must face the consequences. More women die every year where abortion is illegal. There are many points of view on this topic; a devout catholic for abortion, an article showing the ramifications of banning abortion, an act that would require parental consent for abortion, a pro-life article, and an article that gives the rates of abortion in different countries over the year and the legalization of it. Even Christians can have a pro-choice view. Take Ashley Osterkamp, a devout Catholic who thinks it should be a woman’s choice whether to have an abortion or not (S.D Voters 1). The government should have no say in a ladies choice of whether or not to abort her child, because that would be overstepping the boundaries. It is “Part of the privacy clause in the constitution,” giving the woman her own choice as of what to do (S.D Voters 1). Her personal observations with abortion influenced her opinion on the subject. Friends of hers had the procedure done; one for medical reasons, and the other for personal ones (S.D. Voters 1). Currently, their lives would not be the same if a law would have been passed making abortion illegal. If a lady wants to have her unborn baby
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Tsiolkas 2 terminated, then it is her voice that matters, and her mind that will have to be affected by it (S.D Voters 1). In extenuating circumstances, like the ones her friends went through, it would be tough for the mother to be able to even look at the child because he/she would remind the woman of her awful experiences. A woman who got cancer after being pregnant would have to wait until the baby is either born or gone before she could have treatment, and she would die before the baby would be born (S.D Voters 1). It would be smarter to let the mother live, and only lose one life instead of losing two because it is illegal. Some ways to help slow down the need for abortion would be by teaching
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paper 4 - Tsiolkas 1 Maria Tsiolkas Mr. Cochran English 101...

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