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rhetorical context - 1 Mr Cochran English 101 17 September...

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Mr. Cochran English 101 17 September 2007 Who is the author talking to and about what? In the essay article “Adverse Effects of Hyposalinity from Stormwater Runoff on the Aggregating Anemone.” K.L.M. Martin observes the bleaching of sea anemones because anemones because of fresh water infiltration into the sea water, and then completes an experiment testing her hypothesis that the fresh water is making the anemone’s release bleaching chemicals. Martin wrote an experimental study and report which also contained parts of a formal observational report meant to be viewed by her colleagues. She uses the tri-modal (say what description) descriptions to get her point across about the affects of hyposalinity on sea anemones. The problem addressed in the essay is that sea anemones are being bleached from stress and releasing zooxanthellae. Her use of the tri-modal descriptions help to make her essay more powerful by using a good variety of each. The static description helps to explain what a sea anemone is and gives a basic description of it. “The presence or absence of symbiotic zooxanthellae provides a simple and fairly reliable indicator of health of these hardy and adaptable intertidal animals, although some of their color may come from indigenous pigments,” (Martin 98). A systemic description in the essay helps
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rhetorical context - 1 Mr Cochran English 101 17 September...

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