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Thoughts on Technology and Democracy

Thoughts on Technology and Democracy - Sabo 1 Jon Sabo...

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Sabo, 1 Jon Sabo Analysis Paper 20 February 2008 Brent Jackson Technology is an integral part of American life, and Americans have developed many inventions that are now standards in modern life. Technology offers many conveniences, but author Daniel Boorstin argues that there are also significant negatives associated with technology. In “Technology and Democracy”, Boorstin compellingly shows that technological advancements do not always equal beneficial change and in many cases, technology can actually inhibit our quality of life. Boorstin’s method of elaborating on each of the ideas comes across in very thorough way that is direct and easy to understand. He utilizes multiple examples for each idea, while maintaining a style that is smooth and easy to read. He avoids going into too much depth when speaking of history and uses identifiable icons of our culture (such as the color television). This ensures that almost anyone can read the article without having to do more research just to gain the background knowledge required to understand his main points. His first point in his article is about attenuation. Boorstin believes that the experience of living is being dropped out of American life. He has several good examples to present this in a thorough way. He suggests that technology has drawn Americans out
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