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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon I have an idea for an art exhibit. It will be a picture of a white car, representing white power. The car will be running over objects representing various ethnic groups. This will represent how white power will crush ethnic minorities and rule supreme. Oh yes, and I want the tax payers to pay for it. Does the above idea sound offensive to you? It certainly sounds offensive to me, and I have no intention of producing such a disgusting piece of artwork. I also think that many people would have a problem with tax money going towards such a piece of "art." Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is pledging to cut $7 million in city funds if Brooklyn Museum goes ahead with the show, "Sensation: Young British Artists From the Saatchi Collection". The exhibition includes a depiction of Mary along with shellacked clumps of elephant dung. Many people don’t think the City of New York has the right to pull funding from a Brooklyn art exhibition for displaying such "artwork" and the museum’s director asserts that Mayor Rudolph
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This note was uploaded on 09/02/2008 for the course ENG 122 taught by Professor Jackson during the Spring '08 term at Johnson County Community College.

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