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Video Lecture 1_2

Video Lecture 1_2 - -1910s-1950s-Source of Uncertainty Can...

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Power as Dependency -Power equates to dependency. -The more dependent someone is upon you, the more power you have. -The greater the dependency, the greater the power. -Successful leaders manage this well: they make others more dependent on them and themselves less dependent on others. -“A” has power over “B” to the extent: -“A” has control over something “B” values (Importance) -“B” cannot obtain it elsewhere (Scarcity) If he cant get the thing somewhere else, he will be dependent on you. The more barriers to entry, the more scarce the resource. -“B” cannot easily find substitutes for it (Nonsubstitutability) -In most firms, key source of dependency: certainty -Firms like certainty. The firm is most dependent on those who absorb the most uncertainty. Changes in Power-Dependency: Uncertainty Absorption
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Unformatted text preview: -1910s-1950s: -Source of Uncertainty: Can we make it efficiently?-Source of power with Production/Engineering because the firm was highly dependent on them because they absorbed the most uncertainty. -1960s-1970s-Can we sell it?-Power with Sales/Marketing -1980s-Can we finance expansion?-Power with Financial/Legal department-1990s-Can we innovate and change ourselves?-Power with R&D (Research and Development)/HRM (Human Resource Management)-Early 2000s-???-Hot areas for uncertainty absorption: maybe accounting, globalization/global uncertainty -Production/Engineering hated Sales/Marketing and they both hated the Financial/Legal wizards and so forth.-Firms pay people by the amount of uncertainty they absorb and the source of the uncertainty can shift....
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