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Differences in Power-Dependency: Professions and Professionalizaiton -Compensation and Prestige of Professions (ex: barber vs. medical doctor) -Need to Professionalize: Barriers to Entry -Business Schools and Professionalization: Business schools are called Professional schools. Why? Importance, scarcity, nonsubstitutabilty. Power and MBA Programs (Business Week 2004) School Acceptance Rate Salary % Job Offers 1 Northwestern 23% $125K 85% 2 Chicago NR $127K
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Unformatted text preview: 82% 3 Wharton 16% $144K 86% 28 Maryland 38% $105K 65% 29 Rochester 37% $105K 71% 30 Vanderbilt 68% $102K 66%-Top 3 will attract more top students, and top faculty. The rich get richer. Power-Dependency. Organizational Politics-Definition: using power beyond formal role to gain rewards-Reasons:-Scarce Resources-Different Interests-Ambiguous goals and performance outcomes-Technical and environmental uncertainty-Organizational change...
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