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Video Lecture 2_4

Video Lecture 2_4 - VP Chemicals manages R&D Sales and...

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Departmentation by Function: Example: Plant Manager’s job is to manage disputes between Manager R&D, Manager Sales, Manager Production, and Manager Accounting. As you add products and services, the probability of conflict increases exponentially. Departmentation by Self-Contained Unit: Product President manages the vice president fuels, vice president chemicals, and vice president lubricants.
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Unformatted text preview: VP Chemicals manages R&D, Sales, and Production VP Lubricants manages R&D, Sales, and Production Departmentation by Self-Contained Unit: Customer President manages Vice President Government Accounts, Vice President Retail Accounts, VP Wholesale Accounts. Departmentation by Self-Contained Unit: Geography President manages VP Asia, VP North Arctic, VP Europe, and VP South America...
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