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HW2 - Name EEll HOMEWORK2 Sec.A Due Sept.l8 06 ChooseR1 and...

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Name Choose R1 and Rz in Vab : 12v and Zab EEll HOMEWORK2 Sec.A the circuit of Fis.2 so that :20K Due Sept.l8, 06 20v R r : Rz: Choose the resistors in frg.2 so that Vo:3Vr - Vz. R t : R2 -- The circuit of Fig.3 shows a potentiometer Ro, connected to a source Vs. Both Vab and Zab change with the position of the potentiometer wiper. When the wiper arrn is at the center of the potentiometer, Vab :Ysl2 andZab: Ro/4. Show thatZab: (Ro/4)tl
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  • Spring '08
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  • Resistor, The Circuit, Electrical impedance, Series and parallel circuits, Holden Commodore, showsa potentiometer

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